Beyond the Grape: Exploring Three Brothers' Portfolio of Craft Beverages

Beyond the Grape: Exploring Three Brothers' Portfolio of Craft Beverages

Mar 28, 2024Katharine Warner

Sure, wine lovers, we know you adore the Finger Lakes for its world-class Rieslings and stunning Pinot Noirs. But Three Brothers Wineries and Estates offers an experience that goes way beyond the grape. Nestled in the heart of this picturesque region, we're not just a winery – we're a haven for craft beverage enthusiasts of all stripes.

A Universe of Flavor

Step inside our gates, and you'll be greeted by a symphony of flavors waiting to be explored. Our three unique wineries, Stony Lonesome, Passion Feet, and Bagg Dare, cater to every palate preference, from dry and sophisticated to delightfully sweet. But that's just the beginning! War Horse Brewing Co. joins the party with a lineup of hand-crafted ales, lagers, and seasonal brews. Feeling fruity? Our Bombshell Hard Ciders offer a refreshing twist, perfect for a sunny afternoon.

A Celebration of Local Craft

We're passionate about showcasing the bounty of the Finger Lakes region. Our ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, ensuring the freshest, most authentic flavors in every sip. Whether you're a beer aficionado, a cider devotee, or simply enjoy a good variety, Three Brothers offers something special for you.

The Perfect Finger Lakes Destination

Beyond the beverages, Three Brothers is an experience. Our onsite eatery, Iron Heart Café fuels your exploration with delicious eats, while the stunning backdrop of Seneca Lake provides an unforgettable ambiance. Take a guided tour to learn about our winemaking process, or relax on our patio with a flight of your favorites. We even offer fun seasonal events and themed tastings – there's always something new happening at 3Bros.

So, next time you're in the Finger Lakes, come thirsty for adventure! Three Brothers Wineries and Estates welcomes you to a world beyond the grape, where a vibrant celebration of craft beverages awaits.

Ready to explore? Visit our website to learn more about our offerings and plan your visit today!

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