Cheers To Women's History Month

Cheers To Women's History Month

Mar 12, 2020Katharine Warner

The air was heavy on that hot July day as hundreds of women crowded the small Chapel in Seneca Falls, NY. A loud, audacious voice rose from the crowd commanding the attention of everyone. A silence fell over the women as the voice demanded equality for all!

Elizabeth Cady Stanton read the Declaration of Rights and Grievances on July 1848 ushering in the era of Women's Rights. The fierce women who gathered that day set the course of human history, changing the country forever. 

We are so proud of our foremothers, we decided to honor them with their own line of Three Brothers wines! Our Women of Distinction Series, featured in Passion Feet Wine Vineyards, pays homage to all the audacious, fierce, and eccentric women in the world, past and present. The women who make this world a better place for all. 

Ferocity and Eccentricity, wines at Three Brothers Wineries Flirtation at Three Brothers Wineries

The next time you are in the Finger Lakes, we hope you can visit the Women's Rights National Historical Park followed by a trip to Three Brother's Wineries to sample our Women of Distinction wine series, we think you'll love them!

Click here to learn more about our Women of Distinction wine series

Written By Joelle Baker

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