Yours & Mine Blendable Duo Released

Yours & Mine Blendable Duo Released

Jan 16, 2020Katharine Warner
Yours and Mine are just in time for Valentine's Day and maybe even more importantly Galentine's Day so grab your gals pals and celebrate each other! Drink each can on its own or blend the two styles together. Sold in 4 packs, two of each beer. Look for them in regional Wegmans stores or click here to order from our online store.
"Yours" is a full bodied stout brewed with copious amounts of delicious chocolate. Expect notes of dark chocolate torte, sweet dates and light marzipan.
"Mine" is a light bodied sour ale brewed with raspberries, light vanilla, tart jammy preserves and orange zest. Drink them separately or enjoy blended together.

Try both and let us know what you think, we love customer feedback! If you have an idea for a new beer we want to hear about that too! Email any questions, comments, recommendations, or concerns to

Cheers to you and yours (and mine)!


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  • I got a sample of the Mine Chocolate and Raspberry. I really like the Raspberry but I’m unable to find it. How or where can I purchase it.

    Debbie Bringley

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