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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer a private tour?
    Private tours are available by appointment only. Book a private tour with Barbara by calling 315-585-4432
    Learn more about our private tours on our Tastings & Reservations page, option #4

    Do you offer corporate gifting?
    Yes! Please email [email protected] about Three Brothers coporate gifting options.

    How much do tastings cost?
    Option 1: $40/person for the full tour includes 5 samples in all 3 wineries and the brewery (full tour can be shared between two people). Tasting money can be redeemed with purchases of wine, beer, cider, soda.

    Option 2: $15 per building for tastings (includes 5 samples in building of your choice)

    Click here to see our current tasting options

    Are there really three brothers?
    Yes, they do exist! However, not all 3 own the estate. Dave and his wife Luanne, along with a third partner, Erica, own Three Brothers Wineries & Estates/War Horse Brewing Co.  Each winery is modeled after one of Dave’s brothers’ personalities as they were the inspiration.

    What happened to the Bagg Dare Wine Co. tasting room?
    On December 6th 2021 our beloved Bagg Dare tasting room burnt down. Thankfully, no one was hurt and no one was in the building at the time. We are heartbroken at the destruction of the famed structure, its history and the authentic memorabilia inside, but we are grateful to the local fire departments and others who arrived so quickly to help. On September 29th, 2022 our new Bagg Dare tasting room opened it's doors and we couldn't be more excited to share this new space with you. 

    How long has Three Brothers Wineries been here?
    Parts of the vineyard were planted in the early 1980's. Newland Vineyards was established in the late 1980's (now an Air Bnb rental next to the front parking lot). Nageys Newland Winery opened in the early 90s. Our current owners purchased the winery in 2006 and built/established what is now Three Brothers Wineries. The current winery tasting rooms opened in 2007, followed by the original brewery in 2009. Over the last 15 years every tasting room has received an expansion.

    How many acres does TBW have?
    We currently have 40 acres under vine of primarily vinifera grapes.

    Do you make your own wine & beer?
    Yes we do! We have made our own wine since our opening in 2007. And as of Spring 2016, we can proudly say we brew all of our own beers as well. Make sure to check out our new War Horse Brewing Co. tasting room!

    How far apart are your tasting rooms? Do we have to drive to each of them?
    One of the great things about Three Brothers is that all 4 tasting rooms and our cafe are all located within walking distance right on the estate.

    Do you allow guests under the age of 21 on your property?
    Yes, we do allow underage guests on the estate. They will not be permitted to taste alcohol. However, they are welcome to do some shopping and sample our homemade sodas in the brewery!

    Do you have food available?
    Yes! Iron Heart Coffee Company is our cafe on the estate Click here to see our current menu.

    How long will it take for my group to go through the entire estate?
    We recommend allowing 2-3 hours to enjoy your tastings, do some shopping, and make purchases.

    Do you have a case club?
    Yes, we have a Family Club. Purchase 5 cases of wine in a calendar year and you will receive a lifetime family membership! Benefits include complimentary tasting passports, fantastic discounts on wine, and invites to family-club exclusive events. Make sure to sign up when you visit! Email [email protected] with questions about our club.

    When is the best time to visit?
    That really depends on the atmosphere you are looking for! Early summer through late fall is our peak season. Saturdays are the busiest days of the week, while weekdays will be quieter.

    Winter through early spring is our off season. We have shorter operating hours during this time. If you visit on a weekday, there is a good chance you could have the entire winery to yourself.

    Do you have to be 21 years old to visit a winery?
    No! We welcome everyone at Three Brothers Wineries. The legal drinking age is 21 year old. If you are under the age of 21 you can sample our sodas, no alcohol in any of our craft sodas.

    Do you host private events?
    Yes, please email [email protected] for more information

    What does R.S. mean?
    R.S. stands for Residual Sugar. The higher the residual sugar percentage, the sweeter the wine. 

    What does IBU mean?
    IBU stands for International Bitterness Unit.  It measures the actual bitterness of a beer.

    Where do you ship wine?
    We currently ship to over 20 states! Click here to see our shipping policy

    Is your wine available in liquor stores?
    Yes! We currently have our wine in approximately 200 liquor stores around New York state. If the wine you are looking for is not in your nearest liquor store, please ask them for it! Stores can contact us for a special request. Oftentimes, this leads to them carrying our wines year round. So basically, it’s a win-win. 

    Do you have wine slushies all year?
    Absolutely! We are constantly changing flavors, so make sure you visit often and taste them all!

    Do you allow dogs?
    While we do love our four-legged friends, dogs are not permitted inside the tasting rooms. They are welcome to be outside on the grounds, including the courtyard and deck areas.  We appreciate your mindfulness and tidiness when you do visit with your fur babies.

    Do you have an ATM?
    Yes, our ATM is in the dining room at Iron Heart Coffee Co. (our cafe).

    Do you have lake access? A boat dock?
    While we do boast a beautiful view of Seneca Lake, we do not have direct lake access.

    Do you sell wine barrels?
    Unfortunately, we do not.

    Can I fish in the pond?
    No. Considering the pond has not been stocked in years, you are probably wasting some valuable wine tasting time!