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A Destination

Reservations are required and accepted for anyone arriving via limo or bus.

If you're coming by personal vehicle, a reservation is not required... feel free to come any time.

To place a reservation, simply give us a call at (315)585-4432 and we'll be happy to assist you.

We require that all guests arriving to the winery via limo or bus make a reservation.  We also require that guests arriving this way do so by 1pm.  We do value your business, but we can not make any exceptions to our policy.  Please make sure that you're on time and that you understand our code of conduct prior to your arrival.

We get our fair share of TripAdvisor reviews... great ones, terrible ones, and ones from outer space where we scratch our heads and say to ourselves, "were they really here?" Most recently we did this collaboration of some of our favorites- take a look.

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