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War Horse BARIS

War Horse BARIS
War Horse BARIS

War Horse BARIS


Limited Edition Brew

ABV 14% 

BARIS is a small batch brew aged in whiskey barrels for one year to celebrate the one year anniversary of War Horse beer. The name is short for Big Ass Russian Imperial Stout because a Russian Imperial Stout is supposed to be big, bold and fearless. We didn't hold back in creating this 14% alcohol beer, as black as the inside of a coffin on a moonless night and as rich as P. Diddy. Strong flavors bombard you from every angle when you're drinking this beer. The intensely oaky aroma balanced with whiskey, prune and chocolate notes invite you to take a sip. An array of coffee, dark chocolate, oak and raisins fill your palate while whiskey warms your throat enticing you to keep sipping. Intended to be enjoyed. Enjoy at a slightly warmer temperature to discover all of this stout's delicious complexities.

Food Pairings: Dark chocolate and rich, salty desserts

Musical Pairing: Where Eagles Dare by the Misfits

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